Barbie Mustang Conversion to Go-Kart That Can Reach 90 MPH

Barbie Mustang Conversion to Go-Kart That Can Reach 90 MPH

Posted by BMI Karts
Pink Barbie Mustang Go Kart with BMI Kart Rims

Grind Hard Plumbing Co. just completed their Barbie Kart build. They utilized rims, tires, and tie rods from BMI Karts. Featured in video #9

Edwin Olding of Grind Hard Plumbing, hacked together a Barbie Power Wheels Ford Mustang chassis with an old go-kart frame and a customized Honda dirt bike engine. This hot pink whip now races at 90 mph.

Olding told The Drive, "I wanted to find the cutest Barbie Power Wheels car online and turn it into a drift kart."

With the miniature Mustang's tiny electric motor and plastic tires, that would not be an easy task. Instead of trying to boost the Power Wheels' weak performance, Olding decided to chop out everything that wasn't the car's outer shell and drop that onto a pre-built go-kart found on Craigslist. That, however, presented its own problems.

Grind Hard details every step of the build in series of videos on their YouTube channel. They start with a heavily used home made go kart and turn it into the glorious crazy contraception 90 MPH Mustang you see today.

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