What is the difference between the Vortex BLACK and Vortex RED Engine Clutches?

The Vortex clutches are different from other clutches in many respects.  One important difference is the clutch is built in two parts - the clutch assembly and the sprocket assembly.

The Vortex RED and Vortex BLACK use essentially the same clutch assembly. It consists of springs, levers, rollers, drive hub, discs and drive plates.

The difference between RED and BLACK is in the sprocket assembly. The Vortex BLACK is built with an old fashion sprocket (flats and retaining ring) and spins on a needle bearing. The Vortex RED is built with a high precision ball bearing and a screw-in sprocket.

The advantages of the Vortex RED are:

  • An extremely large (200-300%) improvement in disc and drum life (abrasive wear between disc tangs and drum slots)
  • Stronger connection between the steel sprocket and aluminum drum (especially important for the more powerful engines)
  • Ball bearings in all sizes including the 11 tooth sprockets (no bronze bushings)
  • Sealed bearings that exclude dirt and retain grease (less maintenance)
  • Fewer parts. There are no thrust washers, machine screws or external retaining rings.
  • A small improvement in acceleration especially with 15T sprockets and larger where the bearing can be centered exactly in line with the chain.

It is possible to retrofit a Vortex RED sprocket assembly to a Vortex BLACK clutch assembly with a simple change in mounting hardware.

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