Problems With Comet Torque Converter Belt

Belt Wearing Thin on just one Portion: 
This is caused by the clutch engaging in excessive slippage. 
  • Excessive clutch slipping can be caused by: locked track or axle or an idle speed set too high. 
Fixing the issue: 
  • Rotate the belt by hand to free up the belt. 
  • Repair or replace the clutch which maybe damaged 
  • Reduce the engine R.P.M which will lower the idle speed. 

Driver Clutch Turns while Engine Idles: 
The driver clutch will turn when idling if: The idle is set too high or the belt is too short. 

Fixing this issue: 
  • Try reducing the engine’s R.P.M 
  • Check the application specs 

Belt Sides are Wearing Concaved (Inward): 
This is caused by too much run out on the clutch. 

Fixing the issue: 
  • Repair or replace the clutch 
  • Increase the center distance 

Belt Disintegration: 
Belt Disintegration is caused by excessive belt speed, destroying the belt. 

Fixing the issue: 
  • Reduce the RPM rate at high speed 

Belt "Roll Over" at High Speed:
This is caused by a pulley system that is out of line or a drive belt speed set too high 

Fixing the issue: 
  • Align the pulley system properly. 
  • Reduce the R.P.M of the engine 
  • Replace or repair the clutch 

Cord Breakage on Belt Edge: 
This is caused by a misalignment of system or belt improperly installed 

Fixing the issue: 
  • Align the system to prevent wear on the edge of the belt 

Cracking Between Cogs on Belt: 
This is caused by a belt wearing out. 

Fixing the issue: 
  • Replace the belt