Outerwears Pre-Filter Water Repellent Information

NOTICE: These are FAQs copied direct form Outerwears website. BMI has no input or offers any warranty / guarantees with this information provided below!

Will adding an Outerwears Pre-Filter stop water ingestion? - 11/03/2004

The Outerwears Pre-filter is an excellent solution to prevent water from entering into the engine due to puddles or heavy rainstorms. An Outerwears Pre-Filter is designed to be water repellent and will reduce the risk of water entering through an air intake system. Although our Pre-Filters are proven to be extremely effective in repelling water, please keep in mind they are not water proof. If submerged, your intake can hold or pass water.

Outerwears Pre-filters are an excellent solution to prevent water from entering into the engine.

Outerwears Pre-Filters are designed to repel water against heavy rainstorms and road puddles.

How long will the water repellency last? - 11/03/2004
The water repellency longevity is dependant upon driving conditions and the number of times the filter is cleaned. Generally speaking, we recommend changing the Pre-Filter every 6-12 months. However, a quick test can determine if it is time to change your Pre-Filter. Simply take an ordinary clean spray bottle filled with water and gently spray the Pre-Filter. If the water beads off the Pre-Filter, your water repellency is still working. If you see water enter through the Pre-Filter, it is time to purchase a new Pre-Filter.

Water repellency feature will last 6-12 months depending on driving conditions and number of cleanings.

Can I retreat the Pre-filter with water repellent spray? - 11/03/2004
No. The Outerwears Pre-Filters water repellency feature is a complicated hydrophobic water repellent process. It is not sprayed on. This process is designed to prevent water ingestion, and at the same time, continue to allow maximum airflow. If you were to spray on any aftermarket water repellency solution, you would reduce the airflow resulting in horsepower and fuel efficiency loss.

Water repellency feature is a factory process and cannot be duplicated by spraying on an aftermarket water repellency solution