MCP Brake Systems: Master Cylinder Rebuild

• Remove cotter pins and washers.
• Drive cotter pin out with a drift pin to remove lever arm assembly.
• Remove boot.
• Hold down on m/c piston and remove piston and spring. If piston will not come out of the bore on its own, remove the bottom fitting, then use a Long, thin drift pin. Go into the center of the piston so no damage to the M/c bore occurs.
• Remove the cap screws and o-rings from cap.

Clean and inspect:
• Clean all parts in a cleaner such as mineral spirits.
• Examine the bore for any unusual wear.
• Sand bore by hand with #600 grit sand paper, recheck and reclean.

• Insert new cap screws into cap and push on new o-rings from the bottom Side of the cap.
• Start cap screws into place but leave loose. Now pull the cap o-ring into Place and tighten screws until cap pulls all the way down on body. • Lubricate the bore with appropriate brake fluid.
• Put new spring in new piston and very carefully start seal down into bore With a rocking motion until seal passes the snap ring groove. This must be done very carefully!
• Hold down on piston and install the new snap ring.
• Install new boot.
• Line up the lever arm and install new pivot pin.
• Install new cotter pins and washers.
• Pull on the lever arm all the way to be sure the spring has aligned properly In the piston. If it should feel like the action is not smooth, check the position of the spring by looking through the fitting hole. Align if necessary Using the thin drift pin.
• Reinstall the fitting that may have been removed.