MCP Brake Systems: Caliper Rebuild

• Remove caliper from kart and remove brake lines.
• Remove the brake pads using a 3/16" Allen wrench.
• Wrap a rag around caliper and hold the caliper body with the piston facing down and away from you. Now carefully blow air into the fitting with an air hose until piston blows out of bore.

Clean and inspect:
• Clean all parts in a cleaner such as mineral spirits.
• Examine the bore for any unusual wear.
• Sand bore by hand with #600 grit sand paper, recheck and re-clean.

• Lubricate the bore with appropriate brake fluid.
• Install new piston in bore
• Install pads and tighten to 110 - 120 inch pounds of torque.
• Assemble on kart. Install brake lines tight.
• Bleed with dot-5 silicone brake fluid (dot-3 or dot-4 if kit has ep seals)