Go Kart Engine Will Not Start

Reasons an engine may not start:
  • Check the gas and oil levels.
  • Make sure the kill switch is set to "off"
  • Check the choke settings
  • Flooded engine
  • Loose spark plug wire
  • Air filter that is clogged or wet (check the filter often, a dirty or wet filter can interfere with engines performance or even prevent it from starting)
  • Throttle cable is grounding to engine stop terminal
  • Drained batter or failing start switch
  • Stale fuel: Gasoline can go stale within 60 days. Stale gas will leave gummy deposits that clog the carburetor, meaning a carburetor may require a soaking in a carburetor cleaner.
  • Warning: Remove all the rubber pieces including the throttle shaft seal (o-ring) before soaking Replace gaskets and reinstall the carburetor.