Noram: Cheetah Clutch Engagement Settings

The Cheetah Racing Clutch is set at the factory to engage at 4000 rpm. Although many racers find this to be the optimal setting some require a lower engagement. Because of the Cheetah’s design the engagement of the clutch can be altered very quickly and easily.

There are two features of the Cheetah clutch that allow you to make engagement adjustments. The first is the cam weight design. The clutch contains six cam weights and each cam weight has a small hole in it. Weights can be added to each cam. The second feature is six springs located next to the cam weights. These springs can be adjusted to change the engagement speed.

Cheetah Clutch

3500 RPM Engagement Setting
By adding weights to the cams the engagement can be changed to 3500 rpm. The weights for a 3500 rpm engagement consist of six (6) #10 screws and six locking nuts. The amount of weight added is 10 grams per cam. Locking nuts must be used to ensure the weights do not come off during use.
Cheetah Clutch

2800 RPM Engagement Setting
To achieve an engagement of 2800 rpm include a washer with the screw and nut assembly. Washers should be placed on all six cam weights. The amount of weight added is 16 grams per cam.

Cheetah Clutch

2100 rpm Engagement Setting
To reduce the engagement of the clutch to 2100 rpm the weights for the 2800 rpm setting must be used and all six springs must be adjusted. Using a 3mm hex wrench turn each screw one complete turn counter clockwise. The gap should be 7.0 mm.

Cheetah Clutch

1800 RPM Engagment Setting
To achieve an engagement of 1800 rmp follow all the steps required to set the clutch to 2100 rpm and then turn each screw and additional ¼ turn.