Brake Pad Replacement

How to Replace a Brake Pad
  • Back off the adjusting screw, disconnect linkage, remove caliper.
  • Remove the two 3/8"-24 bolts and separate the caliper halves.
  • Remove the actuator side brake pad and the backing plate.
  • Remove the actuator pin, inspect pin and lever for galling and cracks.
  • Grease the spherical end of the actuator pin, adjusting screw and ramp areas.
  • Replace the pin back into the caliper housing, spherical end first.
  • Place the backing plate into housing, place the brake pad on top of the plate.
  • Scrape all the adhesive and lining material from the surface.
  • Put a spot of weatherstrip adhesive the size of a dime on the anvil, place into the recess.
  • Be sure the adjuster screw is backed off completely.
  • Reassemble the caliper and torque bolts to 24 ft pounds.
  • Replace the caliper onto the mount and reconnect the linkage.
  • Turn the adjuster in until it's snug, then back it off 1/2 a turn, tighten the jam nut.