Tecumseh Recoil Starter Cup

Tecumseh Recoil Starter Cup

Part Number:35985BU
Manufacturer's Part Number:35985B
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Tecumseh Recoil Starter Cup

  • Replaces 35985B and 35985C
  • Used cups off returned karts

Tecumseh HM80-155713Z 
Tecumseh HM80-155728Y
Tecumseh HM90-156019J
Tecumseh HM90-156020L
Tecumseh LH318SA-156527G
Tecumseh LH318SA-156567G
Tecumseh LH318SA-156576G
Tecumseh LH318SA-156577H
Tecumseh LH318SA-156581H
Tecumseh LH318XA-156027M
Tecumseh LH358SA-159532Z
Tecumseh LH358SA-159608A
Tecumseh LH358SA-159625A
Tecumseh LH358XA-159493Y
Tecumseh OH195EA-71217G
Tecumseh OH195EA-71219G
Tecumseh OH195EA-71243G
Tecumseh OH195EA-71249G
Tecumseh OH195XA-71174J
Tecumseh OH195XA-71230J 
Tecumseh OH195XA-71237J
Tecumseh OH195XA-71257J
Tecumseh OH195XA-71272J
Tecumseh OH195XA-71275J
Tecumseh OH318EA-222718E
Tecumseh OH318SA-221803B
Tecumseh OH358SA-223841G
Tecumseh OHH50-68133J
Tecumseh OHM90-222305B
Tecumseh TVM220-157289

Off Returned Kart Condition:  These engine parts have been visually inspected, but have not been tested.  They are sold as is with no warranty. No returns are expected on used parts.

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