Tecumseh Muffler

Tecumseh Muffler

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Manufacturer's Part Number:37595A
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Tecumseh Muffler

  • Commonly used on up to 5.5 thru 6.5 OHV
  • 6.5hp - Option of New or Used
  • 5.5hp - Used Option Only
  • Used mufflers off returned karts

Tecumseh OH195EA-71172H
Tecumseh OH195EA-71174H
Tecumseh OH195EA-71188H
Tecumseh OH195EA-71237H
Tecumseh OH195EA-71238H
Tecumseh OH195EA-71244H
Tecumseh OH195EA-71248H
Tecumseh OH195EA-71249H
Tecumseh OH195EA-71260H
Tecumseh OH195EP-71803C
Tecumseh OH195EP-71805B
Tecumseh OH195EP-71809C
Tecumseh OH195EP-71814B
Tecumseh OH195EP-71821C
Tecumseh OH195EP-71822C
Tecumseh OH195EP-71824C
Tecumseh OH195SA-72550G
Tecumseh OH195SA-72567G
Tecumseh OH195SA-72571G
Tecumseh OH195SA-72573G
Tecumseh OH195SP-73507C
Tecumseh OH195XA-71172J
Tecumseh OH195XA-71234J
Tecumseh OH195XA-71257J
Tecumseh OH195XA-71280J
Tecumseh OH195XP-71810D
Tecumseh OH195XP-71830D
Tecumseh OH195XP-71831D
Tecumseh OHH60-71168C
Tecumseh OHH65-71801A

Off Returned Kart Condition:  These engine parts have been visually inspected, but have not been tested.  They are sold as is with no warranty. No returns are expected on used parts.

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