Petty Enterprises #11 "STP" 1972 Dodge Charger
Petty Enterprises #11 'STP' 1972 Dodge Charger

Petty Enterprises #11 "STP" 1972 Dodge Charger
1:25 Scale Model Car Kit

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  • 1/25 Petty Enterprises 1972 Dodge Charger Plastic Model Car Kit
  • Remember when the King ran in solid Vermillion? This is yet another authentic color scheme leveraging the wonderful all new Salvino NASCAR Charger platform.
  • Salvino's JR Models produces AMERICAN MADE model car kits, all licensed with NASCAR, General Motors, Chrysler, and many race teams.
  • Because the models are all limited production runs, Salvino's JR Models kits are not just model car kits, but collectibles as well! Once produced, the kit will not be made again.

Each kit includes:
  • State of the art, POWERSLIDE decals.
  • Traditional chrome plating on model kits is "vacumetalized" aluminum vapor, coated with a clear coating on the styrene plastic.
  • Salvino's kits include actual metallic chrome, plated like a real car bumper, and it is done on ABS plastic. You can lift the individual parts with a strong magnet!
  • The plastic used in these models is the highest quality virgin styrene plastic. It is more flexible and easier to work with than most model kit plastic.
  • Clear parts are molded from clear styrene.
  • Finally, even the instruction sheet is a high gloss, heavier paper not found in most other model kits.
  • All kits require additional materials (paint, glue, etc.), and assembly.

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