HO Drop-In Decoder Proto 2 E8 E9 PA2 Motor Sounds
HO Drop-In Decoder Proto 2 E8 E9 PA2 Motor Sounds

HO Drop-In Decoder Proto 2 E8 E9 PA2 Motor Sounds
MRC Train HO Scale

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This a full featured sound decoder using MRC's 16 Bit Triple Core Stereo Sound for the most realistic sounds available. MRC's engineers have incorporated the latest advancements and technology into this 28 NMRA function, drop-in, replacement board designed decoder.

Hobbyists have a multitude of onboard choices of bells, horns, lighting and more. Equipped with dual out-of-sync EMD 567B Prime Movers, choose from EMD 567B or ALCO 539T sounds recorded via live capture at trackside.

Sound technology this advanced has been matched by the decoders precise motor control using adjustable back EMF, this new decoder provides fine tuning of the motor PID output frequency to ensure silent running and flexible torque output, to give the locomotive superior pulling power and finer speed control on uphill or downhill grades.

  • Brilliance - 16-bit Triple Core Stereo Sound reproduction with Live Capture trackside sound
  • 2 (1-127) or 4 (0-9999) digit addressing with full read-back of address and CV values
  • 28 NMRA functions
  • Choice of two different Prime Mover Sounds (EMD 567B and ALCO 539T)
  • Dual out-of-sync EMD 567B Prime Movers for realistic operation
  • Programmable individual volume control with 16 levels of sound
  • Multiple Bells (6) and Horns (22)
  • Two 28mm speakers
  • Adjustable Back E.M.F.
  • Full Directional Lighting
  • Programming on the Main (Ops Mode)
  • 1.5 amp capacity
  • Programmable 14, 28, 128 speed steps
  • Advanced Consisting (CV-19)
  • Advanced speed table control
  • Use with any DCC system or MRC's Tech 6 Sound Controller

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