Electronic Fuel Injection Vs. Carburetor Go Karts

Electronic Fuel Injection Vs. Carburetor Go Karts

Posted by BMI Karts

EFI is an option that, while adding to the initial expense, can save money over the long run and provide several operational advantages that will appeal to many Go-Kart owners.

Among the plus factors of an EFI system over the traditional carburetor:
  • Increased Fuel Economy – The efficiency of the EFI system can save up to 25 percent in fuel costs, according to some studies.

  • Improved Startup – EFI provides smooth, chokeless startup in both cold and hot conditions.

  • Altitude Compensation – One of the advantages of EFI is that it compensates for environmental conditions at different altitudes.

  • Improved Load Governance – An EFI system will adjust fuel delivery accordingly, based on different speed and load conditions.

  • Stale Fuel Resistance – Since the EFI system atomizes the fuel into spray, it results in less fuel to turn gummy – and everyone has had an experience with a gummed-up carburetor.

  • Improved Horsepower – Carburetor performance can be erratic. An EFI system evens out performance issues and provides more overall power.

  • Lower Emission Levels – As concern over air quality increases, an EFI system definitely will result in lower emission levels. This means less worry over meeting various governmental emission guidelines and also contributes to a cleaner air environment.

Looking at the other end of the equation, there are a couple of advantages to a carburetor system, especially in small engines.
  • Reduced Cost -- The initial cost of a powersports vehicle, such as a Go-Kart, will be somewhat cheaper in carburetor models.

  • Simpler Maintenance – A DIY Go-Kart owner has the capability of rebuilding a carburetor system in his garage. On the other hand, repair or an EFI model will require professionally-trained work or a new system.