Woodland Scenics' Lightweight Hydrocal - 1/2 Gallon #C1201

Woodland Scenics' Lightweight Hydrocal - 1/2 Gallon #C1201

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This is Woodland Scenics' 1/2 Gallon Lightweight Hydrocal.

  • Specially formulated for terrain model builders.
  • Half the weight of Hydrocal and goes twice as far.
  • It's the tough, quick setting product you will prefer!
  • Use it for casting rocks, creating hard shell scenery, filling in around castings and as an adhesive.
  • Leaves a smooth finish.
  • May be used on Plaster Cloth for making strong hard surfaces.
  • May be tinted with Woodland Scenics Earth Colors (liquid pigments).
  • Instructions are listed on the side of the package.

INCLUDES: One Carton of Lightweight Hydrocal

REQUIRES: Mixing Utensils and Bowls

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