VanK 5" x 3-1/2" Polished Aluminum Wheel

VanK 5" x 3-1/2" Polished Aluminum Wheel

Part Number:VK5350
Manufacturer's Part Number:Van-K Wheels 120.5350.15
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VanK's new 5" diameter wheels are the modern alternative to boring Kart wheels! No longer classic in shape, they represent the cutting edge in wheel design. They still are the truest non-machined wheels on the market.

Typical runout is just under .010". For a non-machined wheel, that is fantastic!

Product Specs:

  • 5" Van K Rim
  • Non-machined
  • 3-1/2" Width  with a 2" Back-Space
  • Polished
  • All inside shapes in the 120 Kart line are a Drop-Center design. This is the shape that allows a tire to "drop" onto the wheel so you can get it on!

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