Universal Wiring Harness or Test Harness Harness

Universal Wiring Harness or Test Harness Harness

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Here is some information for a wiring solution to many electrical problems found in Chinese Engines. This is a test harness solution for repair shops to help diagnose electrical repairs.

Wiring setups for most Chinese Engines are pretty simple. This info in intended to help you test engine problems.

  1. MOST stators use the same wire colors going to the same electrical components.

  2. You do not need a 12 volt source or battery to make a Chinese Engine fire or run.

  3. We have put together a simple wiring harness for repair shops to test engines with electrical problems such as NO-SPARK. This harness use our 5-Pin CDI, ignition coil, kill switch.

  4. THE KEY - commonly Chinese manufactured stator  magnetos are wired as follows: ALL use green wire as ground, So GREEN=GROUND, BLUE/WHITE=PICKUP COIL, BLACK/RED=CHARGING COIL. (Check your stator before ordering!)

  5. Here is the harness wiring setup.
    White plastic plug - plugs right into our 5-pin CDI
    Center wires plug into the stators, wire colors are BLUE/WHITE=PICKUP COIL, BLACK/RED=CHARGING COIL, and GREEN=GROUND. These wires will match the colors on listed stators.
    Moving onto the right side harness wires are: BLACK/YELLOW=IGNITION COIL + and GREEN with ring terminal is ground that is attached to mounting bolts of the Ignition coil.
    The remaining GREEN and BLACK/WHITE of course plug into the KILL SWITCH.
Repair shops can add this inexpensive diagnostic tool to help save time and save money. No meters or other test equipment needed.

There will be a yellow and/or white wire that is not used coming from the stators.

These wires are the charging system that integrates with the voltage regulator for charging machines with batteries and lights.There are several things that can cause NO-SPARK. Any of these parts can be bad: key switches, handlebar main switches, kickstand safety switches, kill switches, CDIs, ignition coils, stators, remote control kill boxes. This harness may help narrow down the testing and finding any of the parts that may be defective.

IF purchasing harness ONLY, make sure you know the parts you are using are good - CDIs, coils, stators, and kill switches
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