"U-Build It" Box Stock 196cc OHV Racing Engine with Aluminum Flywheel

"U-Build It" Box Stock 196cc OHV Racing Engine with Aluminum Flywheel

Part Number:ADJ-1005-A
Manufacturer's Part Number:DJ-1005-A
Availability:In Stock
Location: 4000.08, 5000.07, SR.F170 ; 5/5
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This is "Box Stock Project" yellow clone racing engine kit is an easy way to have an engine built to compete on race day. This kit comes un-assembled.

The "Box Stock Project" yellow clone engine is a standard for the following Box Stock, Builder's Prepared, Superbox, or Outlaw clone classes.

Cast iron flywheels are no longer included with our engines, this kit comes with flywheel (aluminum).

This engine is for racing purposes only and will require other parts to complete. Does NOT have an RPM governor, low oil sensor, airbox, or muffler.

Include prefered racing components:

  • Ruxing carb CNC bored to .615"
  • "Max-Stroke" forged cranks
  • Hi-Flo head castings
  • BSP-2 Box Stock racing cam are standard.

Other Specs Include:

  • 6.5hp
  • 196cc
  • Piston is .003" to .008" in the hole yielding a low 26.8cc to 27.2cc combustion chamber volume
  • 615" CNC bored Ruxing Carb with adjustable idle mixture screw
  • High Flow Head Casting
  • Forged "Max Stroke" 2.131" +/-.002 Stoke Crankshaft with hardened journals
  • Chemical Resistant Crank Seals
  • Valve spring installed height is VERY close to the .815" minimum...CHECK THIS!!!

Basic You-Build-It Kit includes:

  • 6.5HP BSP Engine w/o fuel tank
  • BSP-2 Box Stock racing cam pre-installed in engine.
  • Billet aluminum flywheel or Steel flywheel
  • Top plate/throttle hookup
  • Billet air filter adaptor
  • Choke hold
  • Fuel pump
  • High tension valve springs
  • Pulse inlet fitting
  • Angled air filter
  • 5' fuel hose
  • Chain guard/heat shield
  • This does Not include Assembly Instructions
Picture represents how the engine will look after you build it. 

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