Tecumseh Lifter Tappet Valves - Set of 2

Tecumseh Lifter Tappet Valves - Set of 2

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Manufacturer's Part Number:34034
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Tecumseh Lifter Tappet Valves

  • Comes in Set of 2
  • Lifter Tappet Valves are Used, Off Returned Karts

Tecumseh H50-65500V
Tecumseh HM100-159287X
Tecumseh HM100-159298X
Tecumseh HM100-159416X
Tecumseh HM100-159467X
Tecumseh HM100-159540X
Tecumseh HM100-159542X
Tecumseh HM80-155651Z
Tecumseh LH318SA-156595H
Tecumseh LH318SA-156596H
Tecumseh LH318SA-156601H
Tecumseh LH318SA-156602H
Tecumseh LH318XA-156027M
Tecumseh LH358EA-158953A
Tecumseh LH358SA-159638A
Tecumseh LH358SA-159647A
Tecumseh LH358SA-159649A
Tecumseh LH358SA-159651A
Tecumseh LH358SA-159653A
Tecumseh LH358SA-159654A
Tecumseh LH358SA-159657A
Tecumseh LH358SA-159658A
Tecumseh LH358SA-159661A
Tecumseh LH358SA-159662A
Tecumseh LH358XA-159090Y
Tecumseh LH358XA-159493Y
Tecumseh LH358XA-159541Y
Tecumseh TVM220-150602A
Tecumseh TVXL195-150231C

Off Returned Kart Condition:  These engine parts have been visually inspected, but have not been tested.  They are sold as is with no warranty. No returns are expected on used parts.

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