Tecumseh Governor Lever

Tecumseh Governor Lever

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Tecumseh Governor Lever

  • Removed from a 6.0 HP Tecumseh PowerSport Engine
  • Commonly used on Horizontal up to 5.5 thru 6.5
  • Used Governor Levers are off of returned karts.
Tecumseh OHH50-68002B
Tecumseh OHH50-68009B
Tecumseh OHH50-68013D
Tecumseh OHH50-68022D
Tecumseh OHH50-68024E
Tecumseh OHH50-68026B
Tecumseh OHH50-68055D
Tecumseh OHH50-68059D
Tecumseh OHH50-68065D
Tecumseh OHH50-68068D
Tecumseh OHH50-68079E
Tecumseh OHH50-68086D
Tecumseh OHH50-68098D
Tecumseh OHH50-68103D
Tecumseh OHH50-68110D
Tecumseh OHH50-68111D
Tecumseh OHH50-68117E
Tecumseh OHH55-69001C
Tecumseh OHH55-69005C
Tecumseh OHH55-69013D
Tecumseh OHH55-69015A
Tecumseh OHH55-69016B
Tecumseh OHH55-69021C
Tecumseh OHH55-69025C
Tecumseh OHH55-69028B
Tecumseh OHH55-69040C
Tecumseh OHH55-69050C
Tecumseh OHH55-69051C
Tecumseh OHSK55-69502A
Tecumseh OHSK70-72501A


Off Returned Kart Condition: These engine parts have been visually inspected, but have not been tested. They are sold as is with no warranty. No returns are expected on used parts.


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