Tecumseh Camshaft - Off Returned Kart

Tecumseh Camshaft - Off Returned Kart

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Manufacturer's Part Number:37040
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Tecumseh Camshaft

  • Option of Plastic or Steel
  • Camshafts are Used, Off Returned Karts

Tecumseh LH195SA-67419V
Tecumseh OH195EA-71174H
Tecumseh OH195SA-72571G
Tecumseh OHH45-26005B
Tecumseh OHH50-68002H
Tecumseh OHH50-68013D
Tecumseh OHH50-68024E
Tecumseh OHH50-68110D
Tecumseh OHH50-68143G
Tecumseh OHH50-68144H
Tecumseh OHH50-68169H
Tecumseh OHH50-68171J
Tecumseh OHH55-69001E
Tecumseh OHH55-69008E
Tecumseh OHH55-69022H
Tecumseh OHH60-71108C
Tecumseh OHH60-71122F
Tecumseh OHH60-71131E
Tecumseh OHH60-71143C
Tecumseh OHH60-71168C
Tecumseh OHH60-71172E
Tecumseh OHH60-71179F
Tecumseh OHH60-71208D
Tecumseh OHH60-71209D
Tecumseh OHH65-71711C
Tecumseh OHH65-71713D
Tecumseh OHSK70-72510F
Tecumseh SBH-4297B
Tecumseh SBH-4299
Tecumseh SBH-4327

Off Returned Kart Condition:  These engine parts have been visually inspected, but have not been tested.  They are sold as is with no warranty. No returns are expected on used parts.

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