Remote Engine Shut-off for Non-12V Vehicles
Remote Engine Shut-off for Non-12V Vehicles

Remote Engine Shut-off for Non-12V Vehicles

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This system will work on vehicles that do not have a 12V battery and are equipped with a pull start or kick start. RES kits include everything you need for a quick and easy installation:


  • 250' Shut Off Range.
  • 3Built?s Remote Engine Shut-off Systems (RES) were developed to instantly cut the engine?s ignition system with the push of a button.
  • Think of the RES as a remote controlled on-off switch.
  • Allows you to monitor your child from as far as 250 feet away. *Can be installed on virtually any motorcycle, ATV, snow-mobile, go-cart, or generator.
  • Pressing the LOCK button on the remote activates a relay in the receiver that functions similar to the factory Off/Run switch.
  • Pressing the UNLOCK button releases the relay and allows the vehicle to be restarted. The RES units do not restart the vehicle.
  • Functions with Normally Open or Normally Closed type ignitions switches. Determine type while factory Off/Run is in RUN position.
  • Each unit is individually coded so it will not affect another RES. Two or more RES units can be custom ordered to work on the same channel.
  • RES units can also be used as a simple security system. In the LOCK state the vehicle cannot be restarted.
  • Receiver unlock. Unlocks the receiver after 8 seconds of use, reducing the battery usage and stops the draw on the battery.
  • After 12 hrs. the receiver will automatically power down to conserve battery power. We always recommend to disconnect the quick connector on the RES12VX(U) after use or shut off the power switch on the RES6VX(U-B) battery pack when not in use.
  • The new receiver is redesigned so that you can use the receiver on both the battery pack or with a 12volt. There are still have two models RES12VX or RES6VX because each kit has it's own connectors but if someone wants to switch from a RES6VX to a RES12VX they can just by changing the connectors.
  • The need for a program remote has been eliminated. The function is built into every remote, making every remote a program remote as well as a regular remote.
  • New chip system that absorbs power surges, upgraded memory (allowing up to 20 remotes to one receiver) and increased efficiency.

Parts Included

  • (1) Receiver Module
  • (1) Handheld Remote control
  • (1) Receiver Connector
  • (2) Large zip ties
  • (1) Grounding Ring Terminal
  • (1) Wire Cap
  • (3) Small zip ties
  • (2) Crimp-on Wire Taps
  • (1) Installation Instructions
  • (1) RES Receiver
  • (1) RES Remote Control
  • Wire connections
  • Quick disconnect
  • Zip ties
  • 4-AA battery pack. (Batteries not included)
  • Instructions.

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