Rear Cylinder For Harley-Davidson Shovelhead (1978+)

Rear Cylinder For Harley-Davidson Shovelhead (1978+)

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Cast Iron Standard Bore with 5 Head Fixing Holes, (4 Barrel to Crankcase Fixing Holes, 1 Oil Drain Hole). Cylinder is furnished in 'finished' version bored to standard and black painted. 

To fit Shovelhead 80 3.498" Bore, for 1978 and later 80 ci 1340cc.

  • Bore dimensions (nominal) 6.58" (167mm) x 3.496" (88.8 mm).
  • 3.735" (95mm) diameter spigot x 3/16" (4.6mm) long.
  • Rear - 3.7" (94mm) diameter skirt x 1.04" (26.7mm) long.

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