Photo Submission

BMI Karts wants to share photos of your custom projects with thousands of customers and fans. Whether it's a one of kind go-kart, custom made drift trike, or little red wagon on steriods, we'd love to see it, promote it and give you credit. Our customers amaze us, and each other, with their craftsmanship in projects built in professional and home garages.

When you upload your photos or videos, we will consider them for inclusion on our site, in our social media and our catalog. Other customers love to see what is possible with a little imagination.

Do you have advice? Lessons learned the hard way? Don't forget to tell us your story, and we'll share the experience.


Best file types for photos: .jpg, .png, .bmp, .tif

Please send us the largest dimensions you can; if possible, send the photos in original camera format. You can upload multiple files at one time.