Manco Dingo Parts for Model 285 & 286

Manco Dingo Parts for Model 285 & 286

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Parts List

Replacement parts for the Manco Dingo Model 285 and 286

Parts List:

2 - 6. Tie Rod Assembly (KAZ877-10)
9. 6'' Rim with Bearing (K299108)
10. 5/8" ID Bearing (600630)
12. 145/70-6 Knobby Tire (260016)
13. Inner Tube (Repair Part) (300215)
17. Gas Pedal (400751)
21. Brake Caliper (400281)
23. Brake Lining for Caliper (400289)
46. 18 x 9.50-8 Knobby Tire (260032)
47. Inner Tube (Repair Part(RT_898)
48. & 49. Brake & Throttle Pedal Springs (MAN9502-9503)
> 77. Three Point Seat Belt (501117)
85. Flangettes (K400160)
125. 5/8-18 Lock Nut (AZ8515)
132. 3/16'' x 12'' Key Stock (AZ8400)
150. 30 Series Drive Pulley (453034)
151. 30 Series Driven Pulley (463586)

Manco Dingo Variations and Information:

  • The 5hp to 6.5hp Manco Dingo Go Karts have an Asymmetric 30 Series Comet Torque Converters with a 3/4" top width belt on the 5hp and 6hp Dingo Go Karts built from 1995 through 2003. They use Manco Belt #5959, they're flat on one side and angled on the other.

    Dingo Karts built prior to 1995 were equipped with Comet Asymmetric CAT99 Series Torque Converters that used a 5/8" top width belt, Comet Belt #200393A. The Comet CAT99 components are obsolete but we still sell the old style 5/8" top width CAT99 Belts.

  • A torque converter is required on these kart because the rear tires are taller than 15". A centrifugal clutch that uses a chain only would burn up in just a couple of hours so keep a torque converter going

  • This page can be used to order parts even if your Manco Dingo doesn't have the Full "Overhead Cage" shown here. The early model Dingo Karts with Briggs and Stratton Engines only had an "Engine Cage". It covered just the engine area, not the Person.

  • The late model Dingo Karts used Mechanical Disc Brakes, Brake Caliper #115613 (Manco Part #9597).

    Some of the Older Dingo Karts produced prior to 1995 were equipped with a 4" Brake Band Part #04-9195 (Manco Part #1492), instead of the mechanical disc brakes shown here.

  • If your Dingo is equipped with the discontinued two piece, cast aluminum rims on the front end, Visit the Tri Star Rims Page to order two piece aluminum alloy rims with 5/8" bearings.

  • Paint Colors: Dingo Karts came in several different colors. Black, yellow and purple were the most popular. The Manco Products Name, Model Number; 285 or 286 and or Serial Number is located on a silver sticker on the floorpan, under the steering wheel area, in front of the seat.

  • Chain Sizes: The early model 5hp & 6hp Dingo Karts were equipped with the small #35 chain and used a 12 tooth jackshaft sprocket on the drive system. The late model Dingo Karts produced after 1994 used the big #420 Chain and a 9 tooth jackshaft sprocket with a built-in key, Part #8720.

  • Axle Types: The late model Dingo Models were equipped with a 7/8" Hex Shaped Axle. The early model karts used a 1" Standard Round Axle that stepped down to 3/4, threaded on both ends, 1/4" keyway.

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