MCP Billet Hydraulic Brake Caliper - Black

MCP Billet Hydraulic Brake Caliper - Black

Part Number:MCP1375SE-BW
Manufacturer's Part Number:MCP 1375SE-BW
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These calipers are commonly used on Micro Sprints, Mini-Sprints, Racing Go Karts, Recreational Go Karts, Quarter Midgets, Mini-Cup cars, Jr. Dragsters, Racing Lawn Mowers, Racing Barstools, and hundreds of motorsports applications.

Product Specs:

  • This high performance billet aluminum brake caliper features two 1 3/8" bore pistons
  • Exclusive design allows it to be adjusted for use with other rotor thicknesses (.125" to .25")
  • Comes in 2 halves, which are then both mounted to a caliper bracket or brackets through the 2 bolt holes.
  • The bolt hole spacing is 2.25" center-to-center and they fit 3/8" bolts.
  • Dot 5 brake fluid only
  • Brake Pads are Included


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