Kit for The Hawk Plan from Go Kart God
Kit for The Hawk Plan from Go Kart God

Kit for The Hawk Plan from Go Kart God
Parts Only! Plans must be purchased separately from Go Kart God

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This is kit is derived from the recommended parts list provided by GoKartGod. It DOES NOT INCLUDE the plans or every part listed in the plans. Just the in stock parts recommended by Go Kart God to purchase from BMI. Please compare parts list in plans to list below before ordering.

  • This kit is for the parts only and does not include the actual plans.
  • Plans must be purchased through Go Kart God
Kit Includes:
Part SKUQuantityItem Name
26'' VanK Black Anodized or Clear (8-1/2'' Width) w/3.5'' BS
26'' VanK Black Anodized or Clear (10'' Width) w/4'' BS
L7-6SCLA-AC16 Qt. Alum Fuel Tank w/ Aluminum Cap
400660C6Transparent Fuel Line - Clear
AZ1403-38138 Standard Steel Solid Axle - 1
6002302 Racing Wheel Hub (1'' Bore)
6002352Racing Wheel Hub (5/8" Bearing)
600010101 Piece Steel Lock Collar - 1'' Bore
4001512Aluminum Bearing Cassette (1'' Bearing)
SB205-162Axle Bearing (1" Bore)
404620-HILL1Inferno Fury 3/4'' Bore (Needle Bearing Version)-Clutch Only
404865115T Needle Bearing - Inferno Sprocket
6435561 #35 Split, Skip-Tooth Sprocket - 56 Tooth
4339681Heavy Duty Sprocket Hub (1" Bore) - Black
RLV0854-1201#35 RLV Extreme Chain Gold on Black 120 Link
6531001WMS #35 Deluxe Chain Breaker
739-4FT4Cable Conduit .108" Thick (Sold by the Foot)
4007971Throttle Cable with Swaged Ball - 84'' x 5/64''
AZ23871Conduit Retainer - Straight 1/4
K410221111'' Steering Wheel with Cap
MCP1375SE-BW1MCP Billet Hydraulic Brake Caliper - Black
MCP750B1MCP Billet Hydraulic Brake Master Cylinder - Black
MCP100L1Brake Hub - 1'' Bore
MCP711.121Brake Rotor 7.1'' OD x 3/16'' Thick
6005168Hydraulic Brake Line - Plastic
6005181Silicon Brake Fluid 4oz
KW_KM1581Clamp With Double Screw For Brake/Clutch Cable
6600092Lower Steering Block
6600294Spindle Barrel Bearing (1-1/8'' OD x 1/2'' ID)
6601332Spindle Arm
6610102Spindle Shaft - 4-11/16'' Long
AZ18731Steering Shaft Accessories Kit with Pitman Arms
AZ8137-281Steering Shafts 5/8'' Splined - 28 Inch
AZ85104Azusa 5/16-18 Thin Lock Nut
PM-87-1 1/22Spindle Barrel 1-1/2
AZ840311/4" X 1/4" X 12" Keystock
6001211Sprocket Hub Bolt Kit 1/4-28 x 3/4''
0152821'' Retaining Ring / Snap Ring
111114F2Front Hub 1/4-28 Bolt Kit
111114R2Rear Wheel Hub Bolt Kit
112320521/4-20 x 1 SHCS Tightening Bolt
1305345/16-18 x 3/4 Grade 5 zinc finish hex cap screw
AZ18831Grommet Kit

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