Inferno Flurry 3/4" Bore Snowmobile Clutch from Hilliard

Inferno Flurry 3/4" Bore Snowmobile Clutch from Hilliard

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Inferno Snowmobile racing clutches are thermo-dynamically designed to last longer than conventional racing clutches. They can be adjusted without removing chain. Quick change springs allow less time making adjustments and more time on the snow. Inferno clutches are track tested and proven winners. They are available in two models, The Flurry and The Blizzard. The Inferno Flurry is an economical clutch with hardened parts for durability. The Inferno Blizzard implements shoes with removable weights to fine tune performance. Different weight and spring combinations offer infinite tuning possibilities.


  • 3/4" Bore
  • Includes: (4) White Springs & (4) Black Springs
  • Available with or without sprocket. Sprocket is for a #35 Chain and is available in 12T-19T

More Information:

Clutch Comparison
FeaturesInferno BlizzardInferno Flurry
Patented Clutch Design
Heat Dissipating Shoe & Spring Design
Integral Key
Sintered Metal Clutch Shoes
Oil Impregnated Bushing
Interchangeable Sprockets
Quick Change Springs
Stamped Racing Drum
Machined Steel Sprockets
Heat Treated Hub
Track Tunable Shoes
Variable Shoe Configuration

**There are many variables that play into the performance of a clutch. Tire size, rear sprocket size and rear drive set-up are a few of the main variables that could affect clutch performance. If you are using large tires or a small sprocket, your vehicle may require a belt drive system. Clutch performance is not based soley on the engine size.**

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