Inferno Blaze (Needle Bearing) 3/4" Bore Racing Clutch from Hilliard
Inferno Blaze (Needle Bearing) 3/4' Bore Racing Clutch from Hilliard

Inferno Blaze (Needle Bearing) 3/4" Bore Racing Clutch from Hilliard

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Manufacturer's Part Number:Hilliard LD4S-BLAZE-HILL
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All New Blaze Clutch from Hilliard Racing. The Inferno Blaze clutch is the most versatile drum clutch on the market. It design includes 2 advantages over the Fury clutch. The patented shoe design can be placed in a leading, trailing, or combination of leading and trailing orientation. The shoes also have 3 holes that allow the racer to add or remove weights to each shoe. Light and Heavy weights are available for optimal tuning. Quick changes with any combination of weights, springs, and shoe orientation gives the racer the ability to keep the clutch tuned to the tracks current condition or to the different tracks that you race. The Blaze clutch gives you unlimited tuning capability at an economical price.

  • The clutch includes a special oil & grease shield to keep contamination off of the shoe surface.
  • Brand new heat treated sprocket to accept the needle bearing.
  • The needle bearing helps the kart roll easier through the corners and a better release of the clutch entering the corner.
  • Upgraded the inner race with a material change and heat treatment so you can get optimal performance and long life.
  • Clutches will come standard with the mounting hardware and correct spacers to quickly mount to your LO206.
  • The hardened race and spacers that come with the clutch will clamp the clutch tight to the crankshaft to minimize fretting.
  • The high performance friction lining is cleaned with brake cleaner so maintenance is a breeze.

Product Specs:

  • 3/4" Bore
  • Tuneable
  • Includes (4) Orange Springs, (4) White Springs & (4) Yellow Springs
  • Implements shoes with removable weights to fine tune track performance.
  • Different weight and spring combinations offer infinite tuning possibilities.
  • Sprocket Options: #35 or #219 chain


**There are many variables that play into the performance of a clutch. Tire size, rear sprocket size and rear drive set-up are a few of the main variables that could affect clutch performance. If you are using large tires or a small sprocket, your vehicle may require a belt drive system. Clutch performance is not based soley on the engine size.**
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