HiTec HS-5485HB Digital Standard Karbonite Gear Servo #35485S

HiTec HS-5485HB Digital Standard Karbonite Gear Servo #35485S

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This is a Hitec Programmable Standard Digital Servo with Hitec "S" Type Connector.

  • Four heavy duty Karbonite gears Top ball bearing
  • Programmable Digital
  • Designed for .20-.60 Airplanes, Steering & Throttle Servo, and Trucks and Boats


  • One servo with pre-installed round (disk) servo horn
  • Four grommets
  • Four brass eyelets
  • Four round, flanged, phillips head screws 1.5 x 14mm
  • One adjustable servo horn
  • One large X servo horn 1.7" (43mm) end to end
  • One small X servo horn 1.2" (30mm) end to end
  • One straight servo horn 1.3" (33mm) end to end


  • Speed: 0.20sec/60 degrees at 4.8V
  • Torque: 5.2 kg-cm (72 oz-in) at 4.8V
  • Length: 39.8mm (1.57")
  • Width: 19.8mm (0.78")
  • Height: 38.0mm (1.49")
  • Weight: 45g (1.59oz)

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