HiTec HS-5085MG Digital Mighty Micro BB MG Servo #35085S

HiTec HS-5085MG Digital Mighty Micro BB MG Servo #35085S

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This is the HS-5085MG Mighty Micro Servo from Hitec with Universal Connector.
Connector is compatible with all modern receivers and wiring accessories.

  • Lightweight and small; ideal for small planes, gliders, electric heli and 1/16, 1/18 cars
  • Metal gears
  • Aluminum output gear
  • Shock protected POT


  • One HS-5085MG mighty micro servo
  • Two screws, grommets and eyelets
  • Two servo arms and one wheel


  • L: 29mm x W: 13mm x H: 30mm (1.14" x 0.51" x 1.18")
  • Transit: 0.17 sec/60? (4.8V) 0.13 sec/60? (6.0V)
  • Torque @ 4.8V: 3.6 kg-cm, (50.0 oz-in)
  • Torque @ 6.0V: 4.3 kg-cm, (59.71 oz-in)
  • Weight: 21.9g (0.77oz)

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