Flywheel Puller for 196cc Honda / Clone
Flywheel Puller for 196cc Honda / Clone

Flywheel Puller for 196cc Honda / Clone

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This flywheel puller is designed for those who don't want to use the "knocker" method to remove their flywheel.

Works with:
  • ALL ARC Non Adjustable Flywheels and Adjustable Timing Hub Flywheels
  • PVL flywheel for clone
  • Raceseng Flywheels
  • ARC flywheels made before 2013 that do not have the tapped puller holes, can be drilled and tapped to 5/16-24 to use this puller (Not 6602 model flywheels made before 2015)
  • This puller will work with the 2015 and newer redesigned 6602 flywheels

  • To use, install the threaded rods into clean and lubricated puller holes on hub or flywheel face.
  • Be sure to thread the rods in fully.
  • Slide the puller block over the threaded rods and screw the nuts down evenly.
  • Tighten the nuts evenly back and forth in 1/2 turn increments until the flywheel pulls off.
  • Stubborn flywheels may require that you hit the center of the puller block with a hammer once significant pressure is applied by tightening the nuts.
  • Be careful not to strike the threaded rods (use a spacer if necessary) and NEVER hit the flywheel itself with a hammer.
  • Heat as low as 300° will damage the rare-earth magnet in flywheels, so don't use a torch!
  • Not responsible for any damage you cause to any flywheel removed with this tool, so be careful!

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