Dyno Cams CL-1 Improved Cam for Predator 212cc (Hemi)

Dyno Cams CL-1 Improved Cam for Predator 212cc (Hemi)

Part Number:ADJ-1109I
Manufacturer's Part Number:DJ-1109I
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Product Specifications:
  • This cam is designed for the 212cc Predator engine with the Hemi head.

How to tell if you have a Hemi engine?

  • The cam end should measure .549"

  • The valve cover should look like this:

Grind Number : New CL-1B Improved for Predator 212cc (Hemi)
Recommended Class:

Valve Timing
Open39 BTDC75.5 BBDC
Close 81 ABDC48 ATDC
C/L112.5 ATDC106.0 BTDC
Valve Lash.003.003
Check lash when engine is cold
Other Specs
Recommended Ignition TimingStock Required
Spring Pressure10.8 lbs

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