Denso Iridium Power Spark Plug for Honda / Clone Engine

Denso Iridium Power Spark Plug for Honda / Clone Engine

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This Denso spark plug is a new generation of high-performance spark plug that uses the world's smallest Iridium electode. Only 0.4mm in diameter.

  • Acceleration: There was a difference of 0.7 seconds between Iridium Power and normal spark plugs in the time taken to reach 150 km / hr.  There was also a difference of 6 m in the distance covered to reach that speed.

  • Electic Field: The smaller the electrode the more concentrated the electric potential a tthe electrode. The stronger the electric fiel, the lower the required voltage.  As a result, combustion is good for all types of driving, the engine starts easily, and acceleration improves.

  • Better fuel efficiency 
  • Reach: 3/4"
  • Thread: 14mm
  • Type: Iridium
  • 5/8" Hex
  • Engine: Honda / Clone


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