Comet Torque Converter 40 Series Driver

Comet Torque Converter 40 Series Driver

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The model 40 is sometimes referred to as the "Mid-Range" torque converter systems since it falls into the middle range between the Comet series. The model 40 is a rugged piece of machinery. The drive clutch is composed of heavy walled stamped steel to withstand the extreme rigors of rough applications. Whenever there is a need, want and use for a torque sensitive drive system device that is infinitely variable from engagement to the highest speeds attainable (within the pitch diameter range), the 40 model system should be considered.


  • Diameter: 5-17/32"
  • Actuation: 3-roller 
  • Calibration: Spring
  • Bore: 1" 
  • HP: up to 25 
  • Engagement: 1600 - 3100 RPM


  • Simple
  • Quiet 
  • Durable


  • Design Go-Kart
  • Junior Dragster 
  • Light Utility Vehicle

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