Comet 44 Series Magnum Torque Converter Driver, 1-1/8" Bore

Comet 44 Series Magnum Torque Converter Driver, 1-1/8" Bore

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This rugged torque converter driver has symmetrical inline small engine clutch that works with 8 - 18 HP engines with a max of 5000 RPM.

This clutch will help you get more power of your small engine by reducing engine load with nearly a 10 - 1 overdrive. A torque converter acts similar to a transmission providing higher speeds, and smoother acceleration. The 40/44 series is heavily used in three wheelers, ATV's, LTV's, go karts, and other transportation vehicles. Commercial uses include oil well pumps, tractors, tillers, lawnmowers, construction, and industrial equipment.

This drive fits most 8 - 18 hp engines with a 1-1/8" shaft, 1/4" keyway, and tapped end.

Engine Compatability: Compatible on most engine with horizontal shaft.

  • Briggs
  • Robin
  • Tecumseh
  • Honda (and clones)
  • Kohler
  • Clinton
  • Lifan


  • Drive Clutch Bore: 1-1/8"
  • Belt: Symmetrical type
  • Engagement Max: 5000 RPM
  • Recommended Engine: 8HP - 18HP engine, 1-1/8" shaft with 1/4" flat key way

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