Ceramic High Speed Wheel Bearing (5/8" ID)

Ceramic High Speed Wheel Bearing (5/8" ID)

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Manufacturer's Part Number:224-25
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Precision Ceramic Wheel Bearings:

  • Faster ET's and Lap Times - Ceramic bearings have 1/10th the friction of steel which means faster ET's and lap times! Can you push your car with one hand?
  • 60% Lighter Weight - Silicon Nitrate balls weigh 60% less than steel balls of the same size. Reduce your bearing rotating weight!
  • Longer Life - Ceramic Bearings last up to 5 times longer than steel!
  • Cooler Running - Ceramic Bearings have no micro weld adhesion between the balls & races which means lower friction. Ceramic also has a lower amount of thermal expansion which also reduces temperatures. Bearings run cooler and vibration levels are lower at high RPM
  • No Special Handling or Cleaning - If they get sluggish rinse with paint thinner, put a drop of oil in and go racing!
  • Dimensions: 1 3/8" OD x 5/8" ID
  • 99502H stamped on bearing

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