Bungee Cords - Grab Bag

Bungee Cords - Grab Bag

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Location: 0100.08; D100.03, D200.04, D400.02, B400.05, B500.01; A400.05-A .17-A .20-B .29-B .30-A .36-B .38-A .39-B, A500.19-A A500.19-B A500.35-A A500.35-B; SR.BARGAIN CENTER ;
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Due to recent buyout, we have a gigantic supply of bungee cords in all types of lengths, we are offering them at a huge discount!

How the Grab Bag works?
  • You select the style (black, colored, or center hook)
  • BMI ships out a 10 pack of bungee cords in your selected style
  • Length you will receiving.... that is the unknown

High Quality Bungee Cord Specs:
  • Plastic Coated Hook and Spring.
  • Bright Colored Fabric Cover.
  • Double Woven Inner Sheath.
  • High Tension Rubber Cord.
  • Pack of 10
  • Made in France

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