Bully Clutch, 4000 RPM, 3-Disc / 6-Spring (3/4" Bore)

Bully Clutch, 4000 RPM, 3-Disc / 6-Spring (3/4" Bore)

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Manufacturer's Part Number:098-367AB
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This clutch is a 3 disc 6 spring clutch. It would be used in the Adult Stock Briggs Flathead class on a track requiring heavy clutch usage. Heavy clutch usage would be a result of either a heavy kart such as the Super Heavy or Champ class, or a track that is small and requires frequent engagement of the clutch throughout the race.

Product Specs:
  • Engagement: 4000 RPM
  • Weights: 1 Bolt in outer hole of every lever
  • Springs: Red
  • Spring Height: .225"
  • Aluminum Basket

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