Big Twin “STROKERS” Connecting Rod Kit for Harley-Davidson

Big Twin “STROKERS” Connecting Rod Kit for Harley-Davidson

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Heavy Duty Connecting Rods for Harley-Davidson Big Twin "Strokers"

Set of Heavy Duty Connecting Rods, including wrist pin bushings and lower rod races installed, roller bearings and aluminum cages, and three hole crank pins with nuts. Fully assembled and ready to install, these rods are 120" wider than stock across the beam, and the extra meaty castings are clearanced for long stroke large displacement motors. These are a perfect fit in all 1973 to early 1981 Big Twins. May also be used in early model  (pre-1973) motors when using short skirted low compression pistons, but extra care must be taken in assembly to insure proper clearances between piston and dome head, and skirt and flywheels. For use in late 1981 & later engines, you must swap the crank pin for the later "commonized" crank pin. Made in Japan with fine quality materials.

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