Azusa Mini Bike Kit

Azusa Mini Bike Kit

Part Number:AZ3540
Manufacturer's Part Number:AZ3540 Azusa 3540
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Asuza Minibike Kit
  • The minibike kit is available with your choice of 4.10 x 3.50 x 5", 4.10 x 3.50 x 6", or with 480 x 8" tires.
  • The kit includes everything you need except an engine, clutch, chain guard, kill switch, paint and tools.
  • No welding is required! Everything simply bolts together.
  • The Frame & Forks come completely welded and are not painted, are made from thick-wall mild steel tubing

Kit Includes:


  • Fork and Frame
  • Engine Plate
  • Seat
  • Tires/Wheels
  • #35 Sprocket/Drum Assembly with Internal Brake
  • #35 Chain and Master Link
  • Twist Grip
  • Brake Lever
  • Cables & Hardware
  • Foot Pegs

Kits DO NOT include Engine & Clutch

Tire/Wheel Options:

  • 5" aluminum mag style wheels and 4.10x3.50x5 front sawtooth tire and 4.10x3.50x5 rear knobby tire*
  • 6" aluminum mag style wheels and 4.10x3.50x6" front sawtooth tire and 4.10x3.50x6 rear studded tire*
  • 8" Tri Star Wheels and 480 x 8 front & rear sawtooth tires
  • 10" Chrome-Plated Steel Wheels

Fender Compatibilities

  • Fenders AZ1829 and AZ1830 will work with kits AZ3542 and AZ3544 (8" and 10" Wheels)
  • Fenders AZ1855 and AZ1857 will work with kits AZ3540 and AZ3541 (5" and 6" Wheels)
  • Ground Clearance: 6" Wheels = 1.75"; 8" Wheels = 3.5"

    * 5" & 6" Kits: The sawtooth goes in the front and the studded goes in the rear. The sawtooth is used in the front because it permits less vibration on the handle bars. The studded is in the rear for better traction.

This Kit is Also Available without the Frame


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