6" Vega MCM White Racing Slick (10.5 x 5.50-6)
6' Vega MCM White Racing Slick (10.5 x 5.50-6)

6" Vega MCM White Racing Slick (10.5 x 5.50-6)

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Location: 0700.12.04, D400.03, A700.12, B100.02, 9100.02, 9200.01, 6100.07, 6100.05, 8000.11, SR.Tire Rack ;
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The MCM tire was specifically designed to meet the standards set for the "Spec Tire" market. Great performance, matched with excellent durability and repeatability make the Vega MCM the best all around performer in the 6" market.

Product Specs:

  • Consistent lap times for multiple runs.
  • Excellent wear through the life of the tire.
  • Works on concrete, asphalt & dirt tracks.
  • Consistent sizing for all tires out of the box.

  • Do not exceed 4 bars or 62 psi when mounting the tire to the rim.
  • Even though there is a triangle on the tire, the Vega MCM can be mounted in either direction.
  • There is no directional rotation on the tire.
  • Air Pressure: Start with the same air pressure as you normally use. Some karters have used 1 to 1-1/2 PSI more air than they normally use.

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