Digatron DT-54K MAX

Digatron DT-54K MAX

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Four display instrument, capable of reading Cylinder Head Temp (CHT), Exhaust Gas Temp (EGT), Engine RPM (TACH), Speed (MPH), and lap times.

Instrument will display four of the five inputs, with the other capable of being displayed at the touch of a button.

Instrument comes with (8) programmable LED lights. These lights can be individually set to respond as warning or shift lights.

Capable of full datalogging, laptiming, and P.C. Downloading.

Carries Digatron's lifetime warranty, and is made in the USA.

Mounting bracket, CHT sensor, EGT sensor, TACH sensor, MPH sensor and beacon reciever w/pickup are all included. Also comes with 2 Digatron decals, and instruction booklet. Backlighting for nightime use. Too many features to list, call for more details.

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