Brake Pads For Harley-Davidson

Brake Pads For Harley-Davidson

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Location: 6300.02 A100.12.A, A100.16.A, A400.16-C, A400.36-A .38-C .38-D, A500.39C B100.04, B400.14 SR.A100.16
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Series 609 Brake Pads

  • Replace HD 44135-74.
  • Manufacturer: Certified Brakes, a Lear Siegler Company
  • Made in Canada
  • High organic content friction material gives good performance, rotors last well.

  • Harley Davidson 72-79 FL & FLH front and rear
  • Harley Davidson all 72-79 FX rear;
  • Harley Davidson 1973 & some 1974 Sportster and FX fronts.

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