500 Series Comet Clutch Driver

500 Series Comet Clutch Driver

Part Number:301245
Manufacturer's Part Number:301245A
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Location: 7000.03, SR.F200
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Model 500 Series

The model 500 drive and driven variable pulleys are installed in a power train drive system to better match output requirements with an engine output. If the engine is allowed to run at its peak output power, the most power available from the engine will be directed to the driven shaft. The model 500 responds to load requirements and changes the ratio between the drive and driven pulleys so that the engine can maintain its peak power output.

Product Specifications: Features Applications
 Diameter: 5-3/8" Adjustable Go-Karts
 Actuation: 3-roller Cams Tunable Utility Vehicles
Calibration: Spring Ramp, Weights Reliable  
Bore: 1"    
HP: 2 cycle - 25 4 cycle - 16    
Engagement: 800 - 4000 RPM    


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