1600 Series Clutch (17T)  #35 Chain, 1" Bore (In or Outboard)

1600 Series Clutch (17T) #35 Chain, 1" Bore (In or Outboard)

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This is a NORAM 1600 Series Clutch. This clutch is designed for increased horsepower (3-15 hp).

Product Specs:
  • 17T 
  • #35 Chain
  • In or Outboard 
  • 1" Bore
  • 1/4" Keyway
  • Stock Engagement: 2050 RPM
  • Stock Spring: Purple
  • Provides No-Load Starting
  • Overload Protection
  • 360 Degree Shoe Contact Surface

 **There are many variables that play into the performance of a clutch. Tire size, rear sprocket size and rear drive set-up are a few of the main variables that could affect clutch performance. If you are using large tires or a small sprocket, your vehicle may require a belt drive system. Clutch performance is not based solely on the engine size.**

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