---Out of Stock--- Thor Oil "Tire Cleaner #2"  (Asphalt and Dirt Tracks )

---Out of Stock--- Thor Oil "Tire Cleaner #2" (Asphalt and Dirt Tracks )

Part Number:600566
Manufacturer's Part Number:MCP 300
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Product Specs:

  • A deep penetrating tire conditioner
  • Works good on asphalt and dirt tracks. 


  • Apply one to several coats of Tire Cleaner # 2 to the tire with a brush or cloth allowing to dry between applications.
  • Tire Cleaner # 2 is volatile and dries quickly.
  • Replace cap on can when not in use.
  • Tire Cleaner # 2 is extremely flammable. DO NOT USE NEAR OPEN FLAME OR HEAT SOURCE. DO NOT SMOKE WHILE USING TIRE CLEANER #2. Allow brush or cloth to dry in the open air before disposing.

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