---Out of Stock--- EPC Racing Kart Air Filter, 2-7/16" (Inlet) from R2C Performance

---Out of Stock--- EPC Racing Kart Air Filter, 2-7/16" (Inlet) from R2C Performance

Part Number:CY10511 or CY10514
Manufacturer's Part Number:R2C CY10511
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R2CÆs New EPC Kart Air Filter for Clone motors, offers improved air flow and filtration over standard air filters.
  • This is done with the addition of R2C EPC Filter Top and 45 degree outlet
  • Cleanable with compressed air
  • Washable If needed
  • NO OIL Required

Product Specs:
  • Brand: R2C Performance
  • Manufacturer's Part Number: CY10511 or CY 10514
  • Part Type: Air Filter Elements
  • Product Line: Kart/Mini Sprint Racing Air Filters
  • Air Filter Style: Round
  • Height (in): 4" or 5"
  • Filter Material: Synthetic
  • Filter Color: White
  • Designed for dirt track racing applications.
Is your Kart equipped with R2C racing air filters? It should be!

Designed to protect your engine, go kart racing air filters eliminate filter issues in the dustiest track conditions. Other low-restriction filters with little dust capacity will not remain low-restriction for long. R2C racing air filters are American-made from high-loft, all-synthetic fiber, offering no shrinking or degrading. They also offer a perfect fit for your application with extremely low restriction, plus exceptional efficiency and dust-holding capacity. Restriction stays lower longer and your engine stays at peak output longer! R2C Kart racing filters are washable with any biodegradable detergent, but when you're trackside, simply blow them out with compressed air and you're ready to continue racing--no drying or oiling are necessary! Race with a clean filter, a clean carburetor, and a clean engine, thanks to these track-proven, horsepower-improving R2C Performance Kart/Mini Sprint racing air filters.

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