---No Longer Avialable---  Universal Fitness PowerPak 1000

---No Longer Avialable--- Universal Fitness PowerPak 1000

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This unit is part of the buyout of the Universal Gym Equipment, and part of huge clearance on all Universal weight lifting machines and workout equipment.

• Condition: New

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Natural Motion Our patented Natural Motion handles allow users to adjust the angle of use during lifting exercises. Thus eliminating stress from joints in shoulders, wrists and hands. Our Natural Motion technology produces the ultimate range and freedom of movement while protecting your body from unwanted and un-needed stress.
Natural Motion Bench Press
Eliminates undue stress to the shoulder area by allowing flexibility and freedom of movement during workout.
Bio-mechanical Design
Our Power Paks have been designed to function effectively for all body sizes and types while maintaining correct weight ratios. Accomodates users from 4'8" to 6'8".
Compact, Open Design
The Power Pak line has been designed to have a relatively small footprint while being loaded with options and features usually found on larger gyms.
Safety Selector Key Cord
Allows safe and simple selection of weights.
Weight Shrouds
Our weight shrouds have been designed to add a safe and attractive protector to the weight stack. These shrouds eliminate worries of pinched fingers from cables and weight stacks.
Fire-engine Red Adjustment Knobs
Easy to find and use. Our adjustment knobs make changing stations and settings easy.
Solid Steel Weight Stack Runner Guides
Our chrome plated, solid steel weight stack runner guides prevent binding of weight stacks while providing the finishing touch of chrome.

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