---No Longer Available--- Mychron 4 2T Tach with Optical, EGT, & CHT Cables

---No Longer Available--- Mychron 4 2T Tach with Optical, EGT, & CHT Cables

Part Number:681024_CHT
Manufacturer's Part Number:AIM Sports 681024
Availability:Not for Sale
Location: 5000-02,
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Especially engineered for the most demanding drivers, Aim MyChron4 2T gives you the chance to improve your kart performances by controlling two engine temperatures instead of one.

May come Green or Amber, depending on what is available.

MyChron4 2T can log and display - together with RPM and laptimes - data related to two temperatures, coming from:

  • Two thermocouples: keep carburation under control

  • Two thermoresistors: measure the engine working temperature

  • One thermocouple and one thermoresistor: monitor the key parameters of your engine

MyChron4 2T keeps all the features that made MyChron4 the best kart datalogger available on the market: top reliability and precision, and a great flexibility.

Because MyChron4 is today a MODULAR, EXPANDABLE datalogger, which any kart driver can configure according to his personal needs thanks to:

  • GPS Module: quite easily tracks your position and speed with absolute precision
  • LCU-ONE Lambda controller: allows an accurate monitoring of your carburation
  • eBox: helps to professionally analyze your kart performance
Other Info:


  • Mychron 4 2T Tach
  • Optical / IR Receiver
  • Cylinder Head Thermocoupler Cable (CHT)
  • Exhaust Gas Thermocoupler Cable (EGT)
  • Patch Cable
  • RPM Sensor


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